To add a new VDT, click on the Add VDT button at the top right.

You will be asked to select a VDT Definition.

Select the Definition; fill in the name and description on the pop-up, click Add.

The location will be the folder structure for the new VDT being added. This will default to the folder where-in you clicked add.

Your VDT will be created with a generic parent node; formatted as per the selected Definition.

To edit the node click on the pencil icon then specify the node properties in the pop-up window and click Save.

Note: In order to edit the tree, ensure that the Edit Mode toggle is switched on.

To add a new node, click on the + icon.

You can select different node types, each indicated by a different colour:

  • Parent node values require an expression to be defined, using its children in order to be calculated.
  • KPI node values are derived from the selected KPI but can be overwritten by selecting the override option.
  • VDT node values are derived from the selected VDT within the same folder; these values also appear as variable in the analysis packages.
  • Constant node values need to be specified, the values remain constant, however, a variable constant option is available to cater for different values per month.

Once you have completed all required fields for the relevant node, click Save and the node will be added to your VDT.