To add a new meeting, click on the +Add button at the top right of the manage meetings page.

When capturing participants, as the organiser of the meeting, you are able to assign each participant with a role such as Note Taker, Owner, Admin and Chairperson.

Title - Capture the title of the meeting
3P's - Capture the Purpose, Payoff and Preparation for this meeting 

The meeting organizer will be the logged-in user and cannot be removed from the meeting. This user can be updated by clicking on the name if a new user is now required to be the organiser of the meeting.

To add new participants, select +Add and pick the participant from the list

A meeting role can be assigned to the users.

The meeting organiser cannot be deleted from a meeting but can be excluded from the participants.

In the Details section, the following can be set:

  • Start date and time
  • Duration
  • If a reminder should be sent, then when
  • Meeting location
  • Time zone; this is for the date and time, so users in other time zones will be shown based on their time zone
  • Meeting recurrence
  • Meeting Link (MS Teams, Zoom etc)

In the Settings section:

  • Select the departments
  • Reporting days: this is for the KPI and reports. Report date = Meeting date - Reporting days
  • Tags
  • Select the meeting quality questions applicable to the meeting. These questions need to be set up prior to adding a meeting from the administration menu
  • Meeting category: This is set up from the administration menu

Before Processes and Targets can be captured, the meeting will need to be saved.

Each process has the following:

  • Introduction of the process
  • A responsible participant (from the participant's list)
  • Select the sections for the meeting; each process can have different sections visible
    • Click the +Add button to add KPIs and/or Ideas

  • "Roll forward overview items" will carry over the overview items from the previous meeting.
  • An Actions list will automatically be added to each process item in the meeting.

Remember to click Save to save the new meeting, and chose if you would like to send the meeting invite now or after you have specified the processes.