To add a new meeting, click on the +Add button at the top right of the manage meetings page.

Capture the title, and 3 Ps of the meeting (Purpose, Payoff and Preparation). 

When capturing participants, as the organiser of the meeting, you are able to assign each participant with a role such as Note Taker, Owner, Admin and Chairperson.

  1. The meeting organizer will be the logged-in user and cannot be removed from the meeting. This user can be updated by clicking on the name if a new user is now required to be the organiser of the meeting. 
  2. To add new participants, select +Add and pick the participant from the list.
  3. The participant's department will be shown here.
  4. A meeting role can be assigned to the users. 
  5. The meeting organiser cannot be deleted from a meeting but can be excluded from the participants. 

In the Details section, the following can be set:

  • Start date and time
  • Duration
  • If a reminder should be sent, then when
  • Meeting location
  • Time zone; this is for the date and time, so users in other time zones will be shown based on their time zone
  • Meeting recurrence
  • Meeting Link (MS Teams, Zoom etc)

In the Settings section:

  • Select the departments
  • Reporting days: this is for the KPI and reports. Report date = Meeting date - Reporting days
  • Tags
  • Select the meeting quality questions applicable to the meeting. These questions need to be set up prior to adding a meeting from the administration menu
  • Meeting category: This is set up from the administration menu

Before Processes and Targets can be captured, the meeting will need to be saved.

Each process has the following:

  • Introduction of the process
  • A responsible participant (from the participant's list)
  • Select the sections for the meeting; each process can have different sections visible
    • Click the +Add button to add KPIs and/or Ideas

  • "Roll forward overview items" will carry over the overview items from the previous meeting.
  • An Actions list will automatically be added to each process item in the meeting.

Remember to click Save to save the new meeting