The changes in PiPware 20212.0 include the following: 

New Features: 

  • "If" syntax was included to be used in a calculated KPI.
  • The ability to use the keyboard shortcut(CTRL+A) in a multi-select dropdown has been added.
  • "Tags" has been added to all Bulk Data APIs.
  • Action complete date has been added to all Bulk Data APIs that show actions.
  • The RAR download/email selections are now stored in the browser.
  • In the Idea Benefit Grid view, "Forecasts" and "Gap to Forecast" have been added.
  • In the ideas list, a pipeline card view has been added. This means that the Pipeline menu item was removed, and targets can be captured in the Pipeline section now added to the administration page.
  • In an idea VDT, parent nodes now have a chart view showing the monthly values of the last 12 months.
  • Quarterly frequency and chart options have been added to KPIs.
  • The KPI Chart dashboard widget and Idea Performance tab KPI charts now show the KPI's code and name.
  • Idea Workplan now stores the applied filters.
  • If a user was marked as disabled (i.e. not deleted), they will no longer appear as a selection for RAR reviewers.
  • A user is no longer restricted to only marking their own dashboard as a favorite; all dashboards accessible to the user can be marked as a favorite.
  • In the Ideas performance tab, a KPI can be removed even if it was added in the VDT, but the KPI does not get removed from the VDT itself.
  • Added the originator of the action as a column in the Action Dashboard widget.
  • The ability to copy KPIs has been added.
  • An idea section has been added to RARs. This allows the reviewee to include ideas for review. This section also allows you to switch to the card view (Pipeline).


  • A bug preventing meetings from being loaded in a corporate site has been resolved.
  • The issue that prevented attachments from being downloaded was resolved.
  • A bug related to reverting a checklist/workflow of an idea/initiative was resolved.
  • RAR Quality % not being displayed correctly was fixed.
  • The time format on a meeting card was corrected.
  • The benefit last calculation date is now shown in the correct time zone.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.