On the Ideas List, you can click the slider to view the ideas in Pipeline view. The Ideas list will then be displayed as follows:

  • The Pipeline view only displays ideas that are currently Active or Approved. e.g. Complete. On-Hold, Cancelled and Archived ideas will not be displayed. 

The view above supports the following functionalities.

  • You are able to switch between a Compact and Details view.
  • Filter using all available filters on the Idea List.
  • Sort by a preferred Idea property e.g. Idea number, idea title etc.
  • Supports grouping of the returned results. e.g. you can group by Stage, Idea Owner and Department. 
  • Click on the Idea Code or Name to navigate to the actual idea.
  • Displays total of each Idea status e.g. Active, Cancelled etc.
  • Click on the cog-icon to select the columns you would like to see on the Ideas list view.
  • You can also filter by Benefit Type between Financial and Non-Financial Ideas.

With the above changes, you can now only manage the targets in the Administration section as per the image below: