Please note, the Idea Administrator permission can be assigned to a Role as follows:

Navigate to Administration -> Roles -> Select the role that needs to have the Idea Administrator permission -> Assign the permission and Save see the image below:

A user assigned a Role with Idea permissions without the Idea administrator permission can only do the following:

  • Can only edit an Idea if they have Idea Edit permission and the Idea Status is Active.
  • They cannot delete an Idea.
  • Can only delete stakeholders that were directly/manually added to the Idea.
  • They can not make changes to a Locked VDT.

With the Idea Administrators, they can have the following functionalities.
  • They can Edit any Idea.
  • They can Delete archived and cancelled Ideas.
  • They can also Edit a VDT of a locked idea.

When you are not an Idea Administrator, you are likely to encounter the following read-only screens: (Idea locked since it has been approved)

The VDT of an approved Idea is also Locked so you will not be able to make changes unless you are an Idea Administrator: