The following changes and updates will be released on the weekend of 27 June 2021 subject to change.

This is the list of changes that will be available together with normal bug fixes:

  • Added functionality that automatically pulls Actions created after the current active Rar was added.

  • Added the ability for Idea Administrators to be able to make stakeholder changes on Ideas that have been Locked/Approved, you will also see a text that will direct users on where to Click To Submit a workflow/checklist.

  • Filtering the RAR Compliance Report by Department will now only report on RARs linked to that department both Reviewer and Reviewee.

  • Added the ability for users to make a copy of a shared Dashboard which will provide them with the ability to make changes to the linked widgets. To copy a dashboard you will need to click on view more then click the copy button.

  • Added the ability to specify KPI Actual Forecast values, which can be used to forecast future values of KPIs which will then be pulled to the Idea Benefit Calculation for future months.
    • On an Idea, you can then specify the forecast you would like to use, all future months now have a grey background making it easy to distinguish between Actuals and Forecast months:
      1. Actuals Forecast Value - Which is linked to the KPI Actuals Forecast values for future Months.
      2. Amount - With this option, you are able to specify the value you would like to forecast for that particular month, it will be used as-is. 
      3. Forecast -This is the default option that is currently used by the system which is linked to the Stage gates. e.g. Evaluating, Implementing etc.

  • Added the ability to track Non-Financial benefits on an Idea e.g. Fuel or Emissions. This can be achieved by adding a Non-Financial Category(Administration > Non-Financial Categories). You will then be able to tag a parent node on the Idea VDT that will be tracking this non-financial benefit.
    • Once you have a Parent Node tagged to track a particular Non-Financial benefit, you will then have two benefits tabs one that tracks financial benefits of the Idea and another which keeps track of the Non-Financial benefits.

  • You will now be able to see which VDTs and Meetings are referencing a KPI on the KPIs Export.

  • Added the ability to include a meeting link (Teams, Zoom etc.) on the meeting invite.

    On Meeting Capture, you will be able to join the meeting by clicking on Join Meeting.

  • Added the month used to generate the values displayed on the Idea Benefit Delivery widget.