The following will be released with v20224.0 on 17 October 2022 together with normal bug fixes.

In addition to the below, please also see this Microsoft Internet Explorer Retirement Announcement.

  • The team is constantly improving the performance of the system.
    • The loading speeds of the Ideas and KPIs lists have been improved.

  • Fixed an issue affecting the Idea Benefits chart when displaying negative benefits.

  • We updated the Menu items as per the communications on UI/UX updates.

  • We Added the following options for Ideas whose benefits are manually captured.
    • Always calculate - When no benefits have been captured for a month the system will try to calculate the monthly benefit from the Annualised Idea value.
    • Never Calculate - This option ensures that no benefits are calculated from the specified Annualised value.
    • Use Default - This uses the option specified from the site level under Administration > Settings > (Automatically Calculate Benefits).

  • The system will now allow importing of Idea Forecast Amount/Percentages to an Idea whose forecast option is not set correctly. A warning message will be displayed for the misconfiguration to be corrected.

  • A hotfix was released addressing the following issues:
    • Misalignment on the Idea Excel download. 
    • An issue with idea benefits not being displaying correctly.