The following will be released with v20222.2 on 26 June 2022 together with normal bug fixes.

In addition to the below, please also see this Microsoft Internet Explorer Retirement Announcement.

  • The team is constantly working on improving the performance of the system and integration APIs. 

  • We added the ability to include Actions (IncludeActions), Risks (IncludeRisks), and Idea Owner Review Actions (IncludeOwnerReviewActions) to the Ideas BulkData API call (.../api/v2/BulkData/ideas?IncludeActions=true&IncludeRisks=true&IncludeOwnerReviews=false&IncludeOwnerReviewActions=true)


  • We added Idea Owner Reviews data to the Ideas Excel download.

  • We added a Benefit Duration to the Ideas List, which you can select in the Column Picker.

  • We added the ability to include Financials (IncludeFinancials) and Forecasts (IncludeForecasts) to the Ideas BulkData API call (.../api/v2/BulkData/ideas?IncludeFinancials=true&IncludeForecasts=true)

  • We added the ability to specify a different way of calculating forecast values for Non-Financial(Non $) Benefits. This setting is no longer tied to the Financial Forecast setting.

  • We added the ability to Export the filtered Ideas list to either Excel or PDF

  • We included additional information on the KPI BulkData API call (api/v2/BulkData/kpis)

  • We updated the look and feel of the Ideas Field administration screen.

  • We updated the look and feel of the Password Policy administration screen.

  • We fixed an issue affecting PMO clients not being able to filter Reports by Unassigned values.

  • Added a warning that will be displayed when the captured pipeline target value is greater or less than the total calculated site target 

  • We fixed an issue where clicking on Test Formula on a calculated KPI was bringing back old dates.

  • We fixed an issue affecting the Cumulative Pipeline Report not ramping up as expected. 

  • We fixed an issue affecting the Ideas Pipeline Summary report not filtering correctly. 

  • We fixed a sequencing issue affecting the creation of new Ideas and KPIs on PMO Redesign.

  • We fixed an issue affecting filtering on the Cumulative Benefits report for clients that were previosly not using Pipeline Targets.