The default reviewer of a Rar series (e.g. admin above) can not be changed on the system, it can only be changed through a change request that will need to be forwarded to The following information should be included in the request.

  • The name of the Reviewee and Reviewer(old).
  • The name of the new Reviewer

Configure Current RAR

  • If you would like to delegate an instance, which happens in cases where the default reviewer is not available, you will need to do the following:
    1. Click on the Rar instance in the Rar list.
    2. Click on Configure Current RAR
    3. Change the name of the Reviewer to the delegate Reviewer.

Here's an article for more details on this. How can I edit a RARs' Review and Report Date?

Skip Current RAR 

  • This option should only be used when there was an agreement between the Reviewer and Reviewee not to have a RAR within a certain period.
  • And when the Reviwee was not able to have the Rar within the specified period and the Complete button is now hidden for the current review period.

Kindly note we advise against creating a RAR for a period that was skipped, as this might end up having a negative impact on your Rar compliance and Completing the next Rar.

Reopen Previous RAR

  • This option should be used when the need to open the previous RAR in the series arises.
    • When the previous RAR was mistakenly completed.
    • When there's a mistake you would like to correct on the previous RAR.

When there's a mistake made on a RAR we advise against using the Skip Current RAR option but rather use the Reopen Previous RAR option.

Import from RAR

  • This option provides you with the ability to Import items from one of the Reviewee to your current Rar, this can either be Overview items(Results) and Actions. How to import Rar items from a Reviewee

In cases where you would like to delete or archive a RAR series with the same or different reviewer. You will need to perform the following:

  • Click on Configure RAR Series
  • Specify a RAR End date as the day when the Rar series is to be archived or deleted.
  • Click on the Archive or Delete button displayed.

A user will not see the Complete button in the following cases.

  • The user has not completed the RAR within the Review period/week.
    • In this case, the user will need to use the Skip Current RAR option.
  • The user has a RAR series with a review date in the past.
    • In this case, the user will need to click on Configure RAR Series then remove the specified RAR end date.

A user should only see the Complete button for only a single RAR in a series, in cases where the user can see the Complet button for multiple RARs within the same series. You will need to forward a change request to and include the following information:

  • The name of the Reviewer and Reviewee with these RARs.
  • The date of the RARs where the Complete Button is available.