PIPware has now introduced the functionality to capture a KPI Forecast Value, KPI Owners can forecast what the expected actual value will be for the period. This value will only be used and shown in the ideas benefits and KPI charts for future periods and will be replaced by the captured KPI Actual value.

An Actual Forecast Value can be used to forecast future values of KPIs, this value will then be pulled to the Idea Benefit Calculation for future months.

On an Idea, you can then specify the forecast method you would like to use from the available options. Future months have a grey background making it easy to distinguish between Actuals and Forecast months:

  1. Actuals Forecast Value - Which is linked to the KPI Actuals Forecast value for future Months.

  2. Amount - With this option, you are able to specify the value you would like to forecast for that particular month, it will be used as-is.

  3. Forecast -This is the default option that is currently used by the system which is linked to the Stage gates(This is under Administration > Stages > click on a stage >The forecast percentage is specified under Benefit Target Percent). e.g. Evaluating (e.g 0%), Implementing (e.g. 0%), Cash Flowing (50%) and Locked In (100%).