The changes in PiPware 20213.0 include the following: 

New Features: 

  • Added a column that displays the ideas' YTD benefits both on the Idea Grid and Card view. 
  • Added a tooltip displaying when a RAR was Emailed or Downloaded to help Administrators monitor RAR distributions.
  • Added Monthly frequency to RARs.
  • When a VDT node is not used in its parent's expression, the connector is shown as a dashed line.
  • Added the ability to include a comment when sending out a reminder to approve a workflow checklist. 


  • A bug preventing email reminders from being sent has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Expand/Collapse icons disappearing when you change the view while a parent node is collapsed.
  • Fixed the issue affecting the ability to create and save new Change requests in PMO.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.