This allows the tracking and reporting of non-financial benefits within PiPware.

Administration and setup:

Non-financial categories: In admin, a user can maintain the list of the non-financial categories which can be used in ideas through VDT node tagging. If a category is used in an idea, it cannot be deleted.

Each category should be linked to a unit of measure. This unit will be used in all places where the category value is displayed and can be set up under Units in administration.

Idea VDT:

Non-financial categories can be selected for any parent node in the VDT except for the VDT root node, which can only yield a financial result.

The aggregation of the non-financial category is calculated as if these nodes were children of a parent summing up all of them. If one is not yet set up, the parent will not be able to calculate.

Non-financial nodes (shown in a different colour), can be excluded from the calculation of its parent node; a dashed line will connect the two nodes in the event it is not used in the calculation.

The non-financial benefit is displayed in multiple places throughout idea.

Performance dashboards:

For all categories added to the idea, both non-financial benefit and run rate charts will be displayed. Where categories appear multiple times in the same VDT, these are aggregated in the benefit and run rate views.


Each category’s value will be listed below the annualized value in the unit set up for each respective category.

These values are only listed when the idea uses a VDT. The order of the annualized values is financial value first, then non-financial category values are ordered alphabetically.

Detailed benefits tab: 

Ideas with a non-financial Category have an additional Benefit tab “Benefit (Non $)”. In this tab, you have the option to select one of the added non-financial categories and view the benefits of the selected category. One-off benefits/costs are not available for non-financial categories. If all categories are removed, the tab will be immediately removed from the idea tabs.

VDT Node Chart:

This is a monthly calculated chart that goes back 12 months; a non-financial node in the idea VDT will display a chart of the node selected, which is calculated as a subtree using the children of this node. When the same category is used in more than one place on the tree, the chart will only show the values for the selected node and not aggregate the category across the tree.


In the idea pipeline, a non-financial category filter has been added, allowing the pipeline to be filtered by ideas that have this category.

Targets for non-financial categories can be captured on the pipeline targets page. 

A new filter in idea reports has been added. You can filter by financial, or non-financial categories. This filter has also been added to the ideas report widget in the dashboard. The default for this filter is to show the financial value of the ideas.