The changes in PiPware 20213.2 include the following: 

New Features: 

  • Enhanced KPI Chart legends and labels to improve user experience and to avoid clustering. e.g. only legends for a series with values will be displayed. 
  • Idea Forecast changes have also been implemented in the Cumulative Benefits Report Excel download. (e.g. Forecast Amount, Percent and KPI Actual Forecast).
  • Added an Amber Status on RAR Actions and locked the "When" date when there is a "Revised Date" specified.
  • Added the ability to choose to not send the meeting invite when creating a Meeting Series. e.g. you can now choose to send the meeting invite after you have defined all processes.
  • Added a full Actions Audit functionality.
    • Ideas - This is the default selection, which only returns the audit logs for Ideas.
    • Include Actions - This is used to include actions audit, on the displayed changelog.
  • Changed how the formula is applied on calculated KPIs. This feature will only be activated on request, for more info please reach out to PiPware Support. In the new calculation method, the formula will now be applied to the values generated from the individual input KPIs. For more details see Calculated KPIs using the new calculation method.


  • Resolved the issue that showed an invalid action date when using the inline edit.
  • When a KPI list was downloaded, the filters applied are now being considered.
  • Resolved the issue that cluttered dates on KPI chart.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.