The changes in PiPware 20214.1 include the following:

New Features: 

  • We have merged the meeting Actions and Participants email notifications into one email reminder.

    • We have added the ability for sites to be able to choose how Idea values are determined on the sites, using the following options:
      1. Manually Capture - Where the annualised value of an Idea is manually captured.
      2. Value Driver Tree - Where all idea values are calculated from VDTs.
      3. Either VDT or Manual Capture - This provides the ability to have a mixture of Ideas using 1 and 2 above. 
  • We have Renamed the KPI Frequency field to Target Frequency.
  • We have added the ability to IncludeForecasts to the KPI BulkData API.
  • We have added the ability to filter for Active and Approved ideas separately.
  • We added a benefit delivered field on the Ideas list and pipeline view
    • Benefit Delivered - This contains the total benefit of the ideas since the benefits start date.
    • YTD Benefit - This is the current financial year benefit since the financial year start date.


  • Fixed an issue affecting Parent Actions not being marked as completed even when all child actions have been completed. 

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.