When an Idea has been configured to use Actuals Forecast, the linked KPIs on the VDT play a big role in estimating the benefit values that should be produced for future months.

This Idea has this KPI linked to its VDT. (Which has Actuals Forecast values as per the image below. note that in this case, April 2022 onwards are forecast months).

The system will run the VDT with the Actual Forecast value to estimate a potential benefit value for those future months. As a result with this selection all KPIs in the VDT should have values for the month(s) where a forecast benefit is expected.

When linking a KPI to the VDT of an Idea that uses Actual Forecast Values, it is important to leave the Default Value field blank, since by design the system uses the default value to fill in missing values(Actuals and Actuals Forecast) which might make it difficult to reconcile the calculations.

The system also displays the date highlighted below, on when the benefits were last calculated.