The changes in PiPware 20223.0 include the following:

New Features: 

  • We ensured that the site's password policy is displayed when you Reset or Change your password
  • We renamed the Ideas Benefits Financials section to Benefit Duration.

  • We have provided the ability to specify different Benefit Durations for Non-Financial benefits.
  • We ensured that Idea VDT Nodes tracking the same Non Financial benefit type have the same Trend across all nodes
    • We added the ability to track Non-Financial benefits on an Idea that does not use a VDT.
    • This means you will now be able to Manually Capture the expected values for Non-Financial Benefits
  • We added the ability to select a Benefit Type when you import Idea Forecast Amounts or Forecast Percentages.
  • We extended the KPI Audit functionality to also track changes to the KPI Default Target and Performance Ranges. 
  • We have included the Ideas referencing additional KPIs to the KPIs Export.


  • Fixed an issue that causes the browser page to reload when you click on an Idea from the Ideas List. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing the download of the ideas list into Excel from the Idea List screen. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Freshdesk search functionality, accessed via the Help icon
  • We fixed an issue with the BulkData Ideas API throwing an exception when IncludeAuditLogs is set to True.
  • We fixed an issue with the User Access screen not loading for users linked to deleted groups. 
  • We fixed an issue affecting adding comments to Meeting Actions.

Some other minor bugs that were identified from our previous release have also been fixed.