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The Cumulative Pipeline Report shows the total pipeline value of ideas/initiatives in each stage gate vs. targets. The bars represent the idea/initiative contribution for the particular stage. This shows the cumulative view of the pipeline for the specified time period. The targets represent values specified on the Pipeline Targets screen. For more information on how to set Pipeline Targets, please refer to the following article: Setting up Target Pipelines.

To access the Cumulative Pipeline Report, follow the following steps:

1. Navigate and click to the Reports module:

2. Select the Cumulative Pipeline report. Toggle on the Show New Report toggle button to display the Cumulative Pipeline report in the new version, then click on Cumulative Pipeline. To view the report in the old version system, disable the Show New Report option and click on Cumulative Pipeline.

Cumulative Pipeline Report Chart

Click on the Filter button to open the filter pop-up screen, as the one below, on the right side of the screen. These filter options appear at the top of the chart. To remove the filters, click on the Clear button.

Click on the Download button to download the report in PDF format.

The values on the chart can be formatted in any of the desired options below.

The legend of the graph shows the formatting of the actual and target pipeline values of each initiative stage on the chart. Clicking on the legend items enable/disable the pipeline target stage item from the chart.

This graph displays the actual (bar chart) and target pipeline values (line chart). Hovering on the bar chart and the line chart shows more details about the graph.

Below the graph displays the values for the Cumulative in/through stage as at the end the month. Click on a bar in the graph to view the cumulative stage values for each month on this table. You can also collapse or expand to view the pipeline value stages per department or sub-departments.

The warning icon shown on the graph is due to gaps identified through the pipeline.