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The Cumulative Benefit report shows the total benefits that have been delivered from ideas over time vs. targets. The benefit (cash in the bank) is calculated based on the variance between the baseline and actual (based on actual KPI performance) for any given month. The bars shown on the chart are the sum of idea benefits.

Actual and Cumulative Benefit Delivered Chart

To view the Cumulative Benefits Report chart, follow the following steps:

1. Navigate and click the Reports module

2. Click on Cumulative Benefits to view the report. Click on the Show New Report toggle, then click on the Cumulative Benefits button to view the new report instead. . To view the report in the old version system, disable the Show New Report option and click on Cumulative Benefits

3. Examples of Cumulative Benefit Report charts will be shown similar as these below:

Actual Benefit Delivered Chart

Cumulative Benefits Delivered Chart

4. You can disable or enable a view of any of the benefit charts by clicking on any of the items below. The disabled view of some benefits will be displayed in grey font and those enabled will appear in blue font. For example:

For more information on how to set up Pipeline Targets, please see this article Setting up Pipeline Targets

5. Select which type of formatting would you want to view the values in on the charts.

The global value formatting setting can be found on the following locations:

On PMO: Portfolios > Configuration > Settings > under Initiatives > edit Display Factor for Initiative values in reports
On CI: Administration > Organisational Structure > Configuration > Settings > under Ideas > edit Display Factor for Idea values in reports

6. The Report can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the Download icon at the top right corner.

7. To apply filters to the report chart, click the Filter button at the top right corner, and select the desired filters. Click the Filter button below. To remove the filters, click the Clear button below.

Note: The filters applied will be filtered across both charts.

Alternatively you can click the filters that appear at the top of the screen and the Filter pop-up screen similar to the one above will appear.

Monthly Gap Sections

Below each of the Actual and Cumulative Benefit Delivered Charts, the following monthly gap sections appear:

1. Monthly/Cumulative Gap to pipeline target for [Month] [Year]: which is displayed on the left side of the screen, shows how each department and sub-department contributes or performs to the actual/cumulative benefit delivered.

2. Monthly Gap to Ideas benefit forecast for [Month] [Year]: which is displayed on the left side of the screen, shows the initiatives that contribute to the actual/cumulative benefit delivered.

You can click on the Initiative name to drill down to more details on the Initiative in the Initiatives/Ideas module as below

For reference to an article on the difference between Idea Benefit and Cumulative Benefit, please see this article: Difference between the Idea Benefit and Cumulative Benefits Report