A downloadable PDF version is available at the bottom of the page together with the Excel import template.

Rules. (Required fields are marked with a Red background color)

Field NameDescriptionRulesException HandlingValues to be placedDefault ValuesField Type
NameThis field contains the full name of the VDT Node.Alphanumeric valueN/AN/AN/AVariable Character (100)
ParentThis field contains the name of the Parent VDT Node.Alphanumeric valueThe specified name needs to have been captured in the import file. N/AN/AVariable Character (100)
Node TypeThis field contains the predefined node type options.A VDT Node needs to have a Node Type
TrendThis field contains the predefined Trend options. Must be a valid email Trend.N/ADownwards
DecimalsThis field contains the decimal count.NumericN/AN/AN/AVariable Character (16)
ExpressionThis field contains the formula to be used by a parent node.Alphanumeric valueN/AN/AN/AVariable Character (10)
CommentThis field contains a comment captured for the node.Alphanumeric valueN/AN/AN/AN/A
Expression ReferenceThis field contains the reference of the VDT within the parent.Alphanumeric valueMust be specifiedN/AN/AN/A
KPI CodeThis field contains the code of the KPI to be linked to the KPI Node.This value must be valid in the system. The Code must match up with an existing KPI Code.Only for KPI NodesN/AN/ALookup (KPIs)
Reference NodeThis field contains the name of a Parent node in the Excel file.This value must be valid in the Excel file.Only Parent nodes can be capturedN/AN/AN/A
Constant NodeThis field contains a constant valueNumeric valueN/AN/AN/AN/A