The changes in PiPware 20223.1 include the following:

New Features: 

  • We have ensured that the changes made on the KPI Chart Options slide-out will no longer be saved, they will only affect the displayed KPI Chart. However, you will still be able to Save these options via the Configure screen.
  • We have ensured that when adding a KPI to a Meeting or RAR you will now be able to change the Performance Period.

  • We have introduced the following optimized integration APIs(V3) to replace the V2 APIs that are affected by OutOfMemory exceptions.
  • We have added colour statuses on Meeting actions similar to RARs.

  • We have introduced a redesigned RAR Compliance report which can be accessed using the slider as displayed below.

  • We have ensured that you will now be able to include all the fields available on the All Ideas Report in the Ideas list and the respective download.

  • We have ensured that you will now be able to Import a VDT for both Ideas and Value Hound.

  • We have renamed the label Workflows when adding an Idea to Select Definition.

  • We have introduced a new format of tooltips which will be rolled out throughout the system.

  • We have added a Back to Search Results button on the Help page when going through knowledgebase articles.

  • We have ensured that the user profile has been redesigned as per communications.

  • We have included the Site Name on the email sent to new users.


  • We fixed an issue with the Idea Statuses being displayed incorrectly on the Ideas Performance tab.

  • We fixed an issue affecting department filtering when Restrict Organisational Access is activated.

  • We fixed an issue affecting the Concept Idea PDF download. 

  • We fixed an issue with an incorrect meeting start time on the notifications panel.

  • We have ensured that constant nodes do not change colour when switching to view Status colours on VDTs.

  • We fixed an issue affecting the updating of a meeting series by throwing an exception. 

  • We fixed an issue affecting the status colours on Value Hound. 

  • We fixed a bug affecting the Importing of Actual Ongoing benefits to the Financial Benefit type.

  • We fixed an issue affecting the calculation of Idea Non-Financial benefits together with displaying them in the Cumulative Benefits report.

  • We added the ability to specify a link/URL as an Idea attachment.

  • We Improved the processing of the Initiatives /ideas export by adding a mandatory From Date that will be used to reduce the amount of data returned