If you have access to multiple sites, the following information will guide you on how to navigate and select the desired site after a successful login.

After logging in successfully, you will be prompted to choose the specific site you want to access. This step is necessary for users who have access to multiple sites. If you only have access to a single site, it will be automatically selected as your default site upon logging in.


  • The above message on the image will be presented to you when a user has the same username for mulitple sites.

However, if you require access to additional sites, you will need to coordinate with your system administrator. They will assist you in obtaining the necessary permissions and credentials to log into those specific sites.

  • To give access to additional sites:
    • Go to Administration
    • Users and select the user you want to give access.
    • At the bottom of the page, click the +add button under Roles.
    • Assign role(s) to the user then you should be presented with an option to select additional sites as shown in the below screenshot then click save.

Please note that the availability of multiple site access depends on your user privileges and the configuration set by your system administrator. Ensure to communicate any site access requirements to your system admin for further assistance.