Users are able to add or view any notes or attachments specific to the site they are signed into. To add or view notes or attachments, click on the sticky note icon located on the top right of the screen on any page.

Adding a comment 

Users can add or view relevant comments to a particular record. 

To add a comment, type the comment in the free text box and hit the Add Comment button
Select Comments to only view Comments 
Scroll to view older Comments 

Adding an attachment 

In addition to comments, users can also view/add attachments in a particular record. To add an attachment, click on the Add Attachment button. 

The name of the attachment 
The attachment file type (select from a drop-down menu, URL or File)
Comments related to the attachment 
Click the Select files... button to browse for the file 
Click the Add button to add an attachment
Once the attachment is added, it will show as follows.