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Pipeline targets combined financial effect of run rate and cash benefit target which define the target impact of the ideas pipeline. This is the overall aspirational impact of ideas pipeline and should ideally specify the desired outcome at a departmental, sub-departmental / team level, for different timeframes. In addition, this defines the target lines shown on all reports, and provide insight into how the benefits develop (cumulatively and monthly). The aggregate benefits of these targets are shown on the cumulative benefits report.

Pipeline Targets

Pipeline targets are set on the Ideas/Initiatives module. (For reference on how to set up Pipeline targets, please refer to this article: Setting Pipeline Targets). Once these targets are set, the bottom-up targets will show as similar as the screenshot below:

Each idea/initiative stage has a specific benefit target percentage applicable at each stage of the initiatives. This percentage is used to calculate the cumulative benefit based on the target pipeline set. To view/configure the benefit target percentage of each stage:

1. Click on Administration

2. Under Initiatives section, click on Stages

3. This will display all the relevant stages associated with each initiative. Upon clicking on each stage, the Benefit Target percentage will be displayed. For example, on Evaluating, the benefit target percent is 10%.

Calculation on Cumulative Benefits Report

The calculation of the Cumulative Benefits of these Pipeline Targets are calculated as follows:

1. The report will assess the value of the pipeline target in each stage. For the purpose of this illustration, let us use this Total Site Target as an example.

    a. The total value of the target pipeline under the month of January 2023 is 2 311 617

    b. The report will then assess what the benefit target percentage is for each stage. In our example, the benefit target         percentage for the Evaluating stage is 10% (see screenshot on no 3. above). The calculation will be as follows:
2 311 617 * 10% = 231 161.7


    c. This value should be the value that you will see for the month of January 2023 on your cumulative benefit report.

    d. Because the results are cumulative. for the month of March, the benefit is calculated as follows (refer to the image on point A for references to the values used below):

Evaluating11 009 561 * 10%
Implementing564 222 * 30%
From the month of February6 707 221 * 10%
From the month of January2 311 617 * 10%
Total Cumulative Benefit for MarchEvaluating + Implementing + From February + From January

2. If the Pipeline Benefit Target graph does not show on the chart, follow the following steps:

    a. Go to the Portfolios tab. 

    b. Select the respective global site and navigate to Configuration and click on Settings. 

    c. Navigate to Initiative under Settings and check whether the Benefit Target option selected is Pipeline Targets. If Pipeline targets is not selected, click on the drop-down arrow and select from the drop-down list.