The report values on the report are driven by the filters specified, and the values come from the benefit calculation on an Idea


The values delivered can be influenced by the Annualized Benefit filter as follows:

  • When checked the value used on the graph for the particular month is the Annualized Benefit for the month as displayed on the Idea Benefit Calculation section.
  • When not checked the value used is Benefit For Month instead.

The values are calculated as follows in conjunction with the specified VDT or Annualized Value.

  • i.e. Month Benefit for Sep 2017 is calculated as 5 754 995.52(Annualized Benefit)/ 365(Days in a year) * 30 (days in September) = 473 013.33.

The value is also displayed on the report download as follows:

This is the link between the Cumulative Benefit report and the Idea that contribute to the bars displayed and the excel download.

Cumulative benefit for the month -> Extracted from the Idea Benefit Calculation for the Month (Annualized or Month benefit).

When determining the forecast value the system will do the following.

  1. It will determine the stage that falls within the specific Month. i.e. November - based on the specified Idea Timelines.
  2. It will then try to get a forecast captured on the Idea form Forecasts section then use the specified percentage, not the value. i.e. November. based on the specified Idea Forecasts.
  3. Otherwise, it will default to the stage percentage from the stage that was determined at point no.1. note the stage percentages can be changed on Administration > Stages. i.e. Cash Flowing is 50%
  4. It will calculate the annualDays by adding a year to the benefit date i.e. first of November, this will be the number of days in this interval (first of November to the end of October the following year). This will be 365 days if the February in this interval has 28 days otherwise 366 if the February has 29 days (Leap year).

Based on the above values, the Month Forecast calculation will be as follows:

 787 968 (Idea Value)/ annualDays* 30 (days in November) * (The determined percentage i.e. 50% for cash flowing) = 64 764.493 * 0.5 = 32 382.25

All values on the Cumulative Benefits report are affected by the Annualized Benefit flag.

It is important to note that the annual days will be 366 if the period from the benefit date includes a February with 29 days otherwise 365.