The API call to use is as follows: 

  • Ensure your Role has the permission to Export Idea data, see the image below: API key

On PMO sites, this is the API to use.

https://sitename/api/v2/BulkData/initiatives?IncludeInitiatives=true&IncludeWorkplan=true&IncludeRisks=true&IncludeTrackings=true&IncludeAudits=true&IncludeStakeholders=true&IncludeWorkflows=true&IncludeChangeRequests=true&IncludeWorkflowNotes=true&IncludeOwnerReviews=true&IncludeAccess=true&apiKey=your API key

Your API Key is located on your Profile, see image: To generate a new API Key, click on the refresh button displayed below.

The call has parameters that can be set to True or False, i.e. IncludeIdeas=true/false. When set to true this information about Ideas will be included when the data is returned by PIPware.

The parameters included in the returned JSON string, in reference to the ones that are contained on the API call. 

Please take note the information requested is returned in JSON format, as per below: