The RAR compliance report and scores are calculated as follows and affected by the RAR Status weighting Settings and RAR Compliance Targets.

The above RAR Weighting Settings affect the coverall Scores displayed below i.e period 06 Aug (31 Jul to 06 Aug) has 15 % an overall score.

The Overall compliance colour status i.e Green or Red is determined by comparing the period overall score with the latest Compliance Target that falls within that period.

The values and Statuses are calculated as follows: i.e using period 06 Aug (13 Jul to 06 Aug).

  • From the Settings above we have, red% = 0, amber% = 50, green% = 100.
  • Overall Score (15%) = ((no. of reds * red%) + (no. of amber's * amber%) + (no. of greens * green%)) / (total no. of faces) = ((8 * 0) + (1 * 0.5) + (1 * 1)) / 10 = 1.5/10 * 100 = 15%
  • The Red status behind the overall score = ( 15%<= latest Target for the period(55%)) = Red since the score is less than the set Compliance Target.

The entry faces for each and every Reviewer and Reviewee on the chart is determined in accordance with the defined RAR Compliance Rules, detailed below:

  • Further note that the entry will be blank if the user has specified unavailability for the period or if the period is before the user's RAR Start date. 
  • Also, should the user have more than one RAR for a period the compliance will be Red if any of the RARs in the period is Red this applies for Amber otherwise the status will be Green.

Compliance Rules

   For Example: 

  • If the distributed status is set to amber and the meeting did not take place status set to red then the following occurs:
    • compliance set as Red if RAR did not take place regardless of distributed status
    • compliance set as Amber if RAR did not get distributed and the meeting took place
    • compliance set as Green if RAR was distributed and the meeting took place

The order of the rules set up play a part.