Please note, the Idea Administrator permission can be assigned to a Role as follows:

Navigate to Administration -> Roles -> Select the role that needs to have the Idea Administrator permission -> Assign the permission and Save see the image below:

A user assigned a Role with Idea permissions without the Idea administrator permission can only do the following:

  • Can only edit an Idea if they have Idea Edit permission and the Idea Status is Active.
  • They cannot delete an Idea.
  • Can only delete stakeholders that were directly/manually added to the Idea.
  • They can not make changes to a Locked VDT.

With the Idea Administrators, they can have the following functionalities.
  • They can Edit any Idea.
  • They can Delete archived and cancelled Ideas.
  • They can Delete any Stakeholder
  • They can also Edit a locked VDT.

When you are not an Idea Administrator, you are likely to encounter the following read-only screens: (Idea locked since it has been approved)

The VDT of an approved Idea is also Locked and a Lock icon will be displayed as highlighted below: