PIPware2.0 provides an Administrator with the ability to manage the Idea fields displayed on the system, through a management portal.

To get to the screen you will need to have the required Permission to Manage Idea Fields as displayed below. Administration -> Roles -> Click on the Role -> Activate the flag and Click save.

When you have the required permissions you will be able to see the Admin Menu item, Idea Fields as displayed below: Navigate to Administration > Idea Fields.

Clicking on Idea Fields will provide you with the following Idea Fields management screen.

You will notice that the list of Items above has the following:

  • Name - This is the name of the Idea Field that will be displayed on the Idea.
  • Resource Key - This is used by the system to translate the name of the Idea Field to Cater to different languages.
  • Field Type - This is the type of the field.
    • Select List - Which is s a single select.
    • Text - Which is a text box.
    • Date - Date field, which displays a date picker.
    • Multi-line Text  - Displays a text box that allows for multiple lines and new formatting.
    • Number  - This type only allows numbers to be a=captured against it.
    • Multi-Select - This is a drop-down list that allows a multi-select.
  • Enabled - When checked means the field will be displayed on the Idea and Filters.

To add a new Custom Idea Field, you will need to click on the Green Add button located at the top-right hand corner, and the following will be displayed.

Please capture all the Standard Fields as specified above, the Additional Field are explained below:

  • Is Filterable - When checked this new Idea Field will be available on reports that allow Custom Field Filtering. i.e. Cumulative Benefit report.
  • Is Required - When checked, will ensure that when an Idea is edited it can nit be Saved up until a value has been captured for the Custom Idea Field.