The following functions are supported by the system:

FunctionDescriptionExample Usage
absReturns the absolute value of a numberabs(a)
ceilReturns the smallest integral value that is greater than or equal to the specified numberceil(a)
floorReturns the largest integer less than or equal to the specified numberfloor(a)
roundRounds a number to the nearest integral valueround(a)
truncReturns the integral part of a specified numbertrunc(a)
expReturns e raised to the specified powerexp(a)
minReturns the smaller of two numbersmin(a, b)
maxReturns the larger of two numbersmax(a, b)
avgReturns the average of two numbersavg(a, b)
powReturns a specified number raised to the specified powerpow(a, b)
sqrtReturns the square root of a specified numbersqrt(a)
logReturns the natural (base b) logarithm of a specified numberlog(a,b)
log10Returns the base 10 logarithm of a specified numberlog10(a)
sinReturns the sine of the specified anglesin(a)
cosReturns the cosine of the specified anglecos(a)
tanReturns the tangent of the specified angletan(a)
asinReturns the angle whose sine is the specified numberasin(a)
acosReturns the angle whose cosine is the specified numberacos(a)
atanReturns the angle whose tangent is the specified numberatan(a)
atan2Returns the angle whose tangent is the quotient of two specified numbersatan2(a, b)
sinhReturns the hyperbolic sine of the specified anglesinh(a)
coshReturns the hyperbolic cosine of the specified anglecosh(a)
tanhReturns the hyperbolic tangent of the specified angletanh(a)
isnullReturns a default value when the expected value is nullisnull(a, 0)