To capture a new KPI value: select a date, capture value(s), then click +Add at the end of the row. Values can be edited or deleted within the grid rows.

Filters can be applied to view the values between two specific dates.

To set up custom targets, please ensure you have the required permissions and navigate to Admin>Custom Targets.

Calculated KPIs display a date when the values were last calculated.

Update January 2021 

PIPware has now introduced the functionality to use variable Baseline values for a KPI and when captured, the Baseline will be calculated on the same premise as the Actual and Target. The Baseline will be shown as an additional column on the KPI Values screen.

In the event no value for the Baseline is captured, the system will use the default Baseline value on the KPI Configure screen.

Update June 2021 

PIPware has now introduced the functionality to capture a KPI Forecast Value, KPI Owners can forecast what the expected actual value will be for the period. This value will only be used and shown in the ideas benefits and KPI charts for future periods and will be replaced by the captured KPI Actual value.

Remember to click Save at the top right to avoid loss of data.