A RAR series is a series of RARs that occur with a specific reviewer; each series has its own configuration defined.

To create a new RAR series, click on the “+” icon on the RAR cascade menu, below the list of reviewers.

Select a Reviewer for the series, this will be the person whom the reviewee conducts the RAR with to change the reviewer (Delegate reviewer) for the current RAR, go to ‘Configure Current RAR’ found in the three-dot menu.

To the right, the user can select the hierarchical information related to this RAR series, such as the Department, Sub Department, and Team. 

Next would be the Start date, this is the date of the first RAR in the series. The end date is not required and when not specified, this will result in the series continuing indefinitely otherwise, no RAR instances will be created after this date.

The next configuration is the frequency of the RAR; options available are Weekly, Fortnightly (every two weeks) or Monthly. This determines how often each RAR instance is held within this series. 

The number of previous months to show; if left empty, the RAR date selection within the series will load all RAR instances, allowing the user to go as far back as the first RAR instance that was created within the series. A value of 3, for example, will only allow the user to go back 3 months.

RAR sections: A number of sections are available within the RAR, select those that need to be visible.

The “Include actions from” will only include actions assigned to the Reviewee in the next RARs which are from the source that was selected. For example, when selecting Ideas, this will automatically add those actions from Ideas when the next RAR instance is created.

  • Direct reports - When checked will include actions created and assigned to you in other peoples RARs. 
  • Ideas - When checked will include actions created and assigned to you in Ideas.
  • Meetings - When checked will include actions created and assigned to you in Meetings. 

Clicking save will create the new series and the first RAR instance will be automatically available.

For the next RAR to be created, either complete or skip the current RAR. 

To successfully complete the RAR, the Review section needs to be answered if it is visible.