To add a new Idea, click on the +Add button on the Ideas list page. This will show a list of the available Idea Definitions, select the applicable Idea Definition to continue. 

A new type of Idea has been added, this is a Backlog Idea, please see Backlog Ideas for more details on this. The definition for a Backlog idea is at the bottom of the Idea Definition's list.

Once the Idea Definition has been selected, you will be navigated to the page allowing you to capture basic details; ensure all required fields have been captured before saving. A Save validation will highlight in red the required fields.

For a new idea, the Code field is not required if the Idea's selected department is linked to an Idea Sequence (Click here to see how to link sequences). In this case, the Code will be automatically generated based on the sequence linked to the department; enter your own Code if required.

Once you have captured the new Idea and saved it, you will then procced to the Idea View/Edit page.