This tab is only shown if the setting Use VDT is turned on; the setting can be found in Admin>Settings.

To view the other months' performances, click on the arrows to navigate forward or back, alternatively, click the month to select a specific month.

Zoom in or out of a VDT by using the scroll of the mouse or using the zoom buttons; click on the zoom % to reset.

Edit mode allows you to make changes to the nodes of the tree including drag & drop of nodes to other parents and reordering.

Status colours can be toggled on/off; the legend (at the bottom left) changes based on the node status colours: 

  • if the status colours are turned off, the legend will show you what the colour of each node type is. 
  • If the status colours are turned on, the legend shows the different status colours. KPI Node Status Colors
    • I.e. For a KPI Node with a variance of -25.27% and a warning level of 80%. This will be -25.27%(-0.2527) and a warning level 80%(0.8)(-1), when compared -0.2527> -0.8000 thus resulting in an Amber Status
    • Should the variance percentage not be within the warning level or above, the status will be Red, otherwise Green when the variance is positive.

Drop down the View list to show different views of the VDT, i.e. Baseline, MTD Actual, or Benefits views.

Options in the three-dot menu include: 

  • Switching the VDT Annualized Benefit. 
  • Downloading the VDT.
  • Importing a VDT from another Idea.

There are three different node types:

  • Parent node - the only node that can have child nodes; expand/collapse the child nodes linked.
  • KPI node - the node is linked to a specific KPI.
  • Constant node - this node has static values.

Edit Mode:

When you have the edit mode selected the system allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Add nodes to the VDT by clicking the + sign display on the Node
  • Edit the details of a node by clicking on the edit icon below the + sign
  • The system also allows you to Import a VDT from another Idea by clicking on the three dots and selecting Import highlighted red above. 
  • A node not used on its respective parent will have a broken line.

Tracking Non-Financial benefits:

Parent nodes can now be tagged to track Non-Financial benefits as follows:    

Update January 2021

Variable baseline and target options have been added to the KPI nodes. If the variable option is checked, the calculated Baseline/Target will be used in the benefits calculation of the selected Idea.

Changes to the VDT are saved automatically.