The smiley face status is determined based on the results returned by the selected Performance Period, a blank status means that the selected period did not return any or all required values to calculate the Status. The different Performance Periods are explained in this article. KPI Performance Periods

Should there be values returned, the following will then be taken into consideration when determining the status, the returned Actual and Target will be used to calculate the variance. Note, the variance will always be positive when the KPI meets its target and negative when the opposite occurs.

The trend of the KPI will be considered when computing the variance and the variance percentage, i.e. downward or upward.

The status will be Amber if the variance percentage is greater or equal to the warning level percentage (Specified on the KPI edit screen).

  • I.e. For a KPI with Variance of -25.27% and a warning level of 80%. This will be -25.27%(-0.2527) and a warning level 80%(0.8)(-1), when compared -0.2527> -0.8000 thus resulting in an Amber Status
  • Should the variance percentage not be within the warning level or above, the status will be Red, otherwise Green when the variance is positive.

Please take into consideration that the warning level is a percentage compared with the variance percentage.