RAR Compliance: This is calculated on the status of each RAR within the series.

RAR Quality: This is calculated from questions answered in the review section of each RAR within the series.

Compliance rules for RARs can be configured in Administration>RAR Compliance Rules.

If the RAR instance (each RAR within a series) does not comply with the rules as set up above, the corresponding status color will be used to display the status, with Red rules being the first fail point followed by Amber. Once a RAR instance complies with the rules defined, the status will turn Green.

RARs Held count only considers RARs that have met the specified RAR Compliance Rules (e.g. Green status).

The compliance by period is then calculated by taking all the RARs in the period and calculating the result using the RAR tracking status. The RAR compliance status is weighted according to the following values defined in client settings:
  • RAR - Tracking Status Weight: Green - The weighting to apply to a RAR Green tracking status, default = 100.
  • RAR - Tracking Status Weight: Amber - The weighting to apply to a RAR Amber tracking status, default = 50.
  • RAR - Tracking Status Weight: Red - The weighting to apply to a RAR Red tracking status, default = 0.

As an example 

If a period has 3 RARs, 2 Green and 1 Amber tracking status, then the compliance for the period will be: 
2 x 100 (Green) + 1 x 50 (Amber) = 250(total) / 3(RAR instances) = 83.333% compliance. 

The compliance is calculated to 3 decimal places. The colors for the compliance status are also defined in client settings as:
  • RAR - Tracking Compliance Red Level: Display Red if the compliance % falls below this value, default = 70.
  • RAR - Tracking Compliance Amber Level: Display Amber if the compliance % falls below this value but greater than Red Level, default = 90.
  • Else if the compliance percentage is greater than or equal to the Amber level, it will display green.