For a KPI node to use variable Baselines or Targets, you will need to edit the articular KPI node and ensure the field that should use varying values is selected, see the options below:

  • Use KPI variable baselines for the benefit calculation
  • Use KPI variable Targets  for the benefit calculation

The above KPI node configuration will ensure that variable values as captured on the linked KPI are used when generating the Idea Benefit Calculation section.

You will need to ensure that the linked KPI has varying Targets and Baseline to be able to see the changes on the Idea Benefits tab, it is also important to remember that an Idea will not produce benefits until there's a Benefit Start date specified:

The KPI below has varying Baselines (Black-line) and Targets (Red-line).

On the Idea Benefit tab, this is how the monthly values will be calculated, to get to the view below you will need to click on Benefit > Grid for more details.

The KPI node on the VDT is configured with a static baseline of 1.0 and a static target of 5.0 that is used to determine the Annualised value of the Idea, however, the node was further configured to use the KPI varying values in these fields.

e.g. You will notice that the Baseline changes in the KPI from 1.0 in June to 1.5 in July(highlighted green) this is reflected in the Benefit Calculation image above. Similar to the Target which changes from 5.0 in July to 4.0 in August(highlighted red) which is also reflected in the above image. 

The values displayed in the grid are calculated as detailed in this article. What is the difference between the Idea Benefit Calculation and Cumulative Benefits report?