To access the Meetings redesign module, navigate to the “Manage” section under the Meetings menu.


  • Active vs All: Show only the active meetings or both active and inactive.
  • Compact vs Details: This expands all cards “Show all” section.
  • Calendar vs Card: This switches between the calendar and card views; this is the only switch available on the Calendar view. Filters will be applied to both views of the meetings.


View of the card collapsed, hiding additional info.



Meeting Status: The status of the meeting can be found left of the Meeting title. To gather more info on the reason a meeting is within the status, hover over the circle and a tooltip will appear with info.

  • Red status: There are both overdue actions and outdated KPIs for the meeting instance
  • Amber status: Either incomplete actions or outdated KPIs for the meeting instance
  • Green status: No outstanding actions and no outdated KPIs fpr the meeting instance

Next meeting date: Below the meeting title, the next scheduled meeting date and time are shown.

Capture(highlighted Red): Click here to capture the meeting details for the meeting instance.

Download invite(highlighted Green): Download the invite and share it with participants.

Three-dot menu(highlighted Blue): Only a meeting organiser can see these options: “Edit” to edit the meetings series, and “Delete” which deletes the meeting series.

Show more: bottom left of the meeting card, this will expand to show more details of the meeting.

Category: The category of the meeting.

Frequency: Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, this is the meeting's occurrence.

Organiser: Avatar, if available, of the meeting organiser.



View of the card expanded showing the meeting info.


In the expanded view of each card, the details of the Purpose, Payoff, preparation, Process and Participants (the 5Ps) are shown. Hover over the icons on the left to see the section name.

In this view, you can add/remove fields you'd like to see by using the field picket options.

View of the calendar.

Each meeting instance can be rescheduled by dragging the meeting item to the new scheduled time and date. This does not change other meetings within the meeting series, but only the current selected meeting being dragged across.

Click on the meeting to view the details of the meeting, such as the Date/Time, Category, Occurrence and Owner. In this view, you can also capture the meeting, download the meeting invite or as the organiser, edit the meeting.


You need to be a Meeting Administrator to be able to View and make changes to a meeting.