Capture meetings with the following:

  • Click on the Upcoming Meetings icon from the menu then select the meeting; this redirects you to the meeting page.
  • In the Meetings manage card view; select the meeting capture icon on the meeting card.
  • **also calendar card pop up**

Capture Meeting toolbar

  1. Update the status of the meeting (Either completed or cancelled).
  2. Show the participants pane; this shows all participants invited to the meeting. Attendance can be recorded and roles can be changed if needed. 
  3. Share the meeting either by downloading the meeting or emailing the PDF.

Meeting tab

Here you can capture the process items as defined in the meeting definition; each process can be marked as completed.

Review KPIs, Actions, attachments and meeting outcomes.

Actions can be filtered by the current meeting, previous/last meeting as well as all outstanding actions; additionally, you can filter the actions to show either all or just the logged-in user's actions. These actions are linked to the specific process item.

Review tab

Review the actions and outcomes of the meeting; all actions are shown here. Actions not specific to a process can be added here.

Quality tab

Answer the meeting quality questions selected for the meeting as per the meeting definition.

Join Meeting

This contains the link to the meeting if the meeting is held via a link e.g. MS Teams, Zoom etc.