RAR actions do not have icons when viewed within the RAR, whereas those that originated from Ideas or Meetings are represented by a bulb-icon and calendar icon respectively, to view the source of an action, hover over the icon, as shown below:

Last Actions

This section allows you to review Actions and mark them as complete. You also have the ability to add comments to each action, where necessary. 

Note that this section will only be populated if it is the second RAR (i.e. first time there will be no last actions). 

Next Actions

The Next Actions section allows the user to add upcoming actions. Idea actions are also displayed here. Users also have the ability to capture revised dates for actions not previously completed.

Under Next Actions, you can sort the actions list by clicking a column header. You can also rearrange the actions list by clicking the action until it changes colour as per the image below:

Actions with the information icon are those that were created after the active RAR instance.

To Add/View a comment, you will need to click on the respective comment icon. The Area column can be toggled by selecting the Show RAR Action Area checkbox.

Remove/Delete an Action

When you click on the trash-icon you get the above dialog giving you the ability to unlink the action from the RAR but keep it in the system. To permanently remove a RAR action from the system you will need to select the displayed checkbox.

Send a request to support@pipware.net in order to enable a feature that will display an Amber Status on a RAR Action that has a "Revised Date" specified and locks the "When Date" making it easy to identify an action whose revised date is constantly being changed.