The Actions section of the RAR is split between two categories:

  • Last Actions - past actions 
  • Next Action - future dated actions

Last Actions

This section allows you to review Actions and mark them as complete. You also have the ability to add comments to each action, where necessary.

This section will only be populated if there was at least one previously completed RAR

Next Actions

The Next Actions section allows the user to add upcoming actions. Idea actions are also displayed here. Users also have the ability to capture revised dates for actions not previously completed.

Under Next Actions, you can sort the actions list by clicking a column header. You can also rearrange the actions list by clicking the action until it changes colour as per the image below:

An actions icon indicates the source of that action
Originates from an Idea
Originates from a meeting

[blank] Created within the RAR

Actions with an information icon indicate an action that was added after the RAR

 Configuring Actions

Add - adds an action, each action needs an owner and due date
Comment - adds a comment to that specific idea
Delete - Deletes the action*
Show RAR action area - adds a field to show which are the idea belongs to
Show all comments - opens all comments underneath all ideas
Filter - changes the action filter to show All, actions from ideas or actions from meetings 

Selecting delete will bring up a prompt to confirm deletion of the idea

To permanently remove a RAR action from the system select the check box above

It is possible to add an additional status colour - to indicate ideas where the due date has changed, although this needs to be specifically request, as it is not currently a standard feature.