The Actions Dialogue Box appears when you add, edit or click on an action in the following modules:

Actions Dialogue Box Explained

In the Edit, Add or Click Activity/Action dialogue box, you can input the following details: the 1. Name of the Activity/Action, 2. who it is allocated to, 3. the originator of the activity, 4. the from date, the 5. to date of the activity, and any 6. revised date if applicable. Additionally, you can 7. attach a file or folder and 8. add tags to this activity. A new feature has been added that allows you to 9. add comments to the activity as needed. You can also use the 10. check boxes to set the action as a priority or mark it as confidential, thereby limiting access to this action by other users. Once all the desired fields have been configured, click 11. Save to save your changes.