When configuring an Idea definition and its respective workflows/checklists you are presented with a groups field as per the image below. Which is designed to control the approval order of the request.

 In the example above, the following will happen when you submit this workflow for approval on an Idea.

  1. The C Management stakeholder which is assigned to the Manager will receive the Approval request email first, as per the workflow group order configuration.
  2. After the Manager has approved the request the system will then forward the approval email to the next approval group which is 2, in this example, the request will then go to the PiPware Support stakeholder which is assigned to the Support Agent. 

It is important to note that like any other changes made to a workflow. Only workflows submitted after the changes will be affected. As a result, If the approval groups were configured after the workflow was submitted those groups will not affect submitted workflows. You will be required to recall it and Submit it again for the changes to take effect.