Navigate to Administration>Pipeline to find the Pipeline Targets

There are four types of Pipeline targets that are grouped into financial and newly added non-financial categories:

  • Pipeline targets
  • Run rate targets
  • Cash Benefit Targets
  • and Non-financial targets

There are two settings used for these targets and capturing of the targets:

The pipeline target level is the level at which the targets are captured. For example, if this is set to Department, when capturing a target, you will be required to first filter the target capture screen by a department.

If no target filter is selected, the targets will be shown as an aggregated view and cannot be modified.

The benefit target is the targets that are shown in the report, either the Pipeline target or either one of the Run rate or Cash Benefit Targets (cash benefit and run rate targets and difference between the two targets) depending on the Cumulative Benefits report filter.

You can also import these targets from the import page, please see the import rules and template guide here for more information. For now, you will not be able to import Non-financial targets.

Pipeline Targets

Targets can be captured Weekly or Monthly, by stage and KPI type. 

These targets are captured in Millions (1 represents 1 000 000). 

Run Rate and Cash Benefit Targets

These targets are captured by KPI type only.

Non-financial Targets

Non-financial targets are captured by stage, however, you will first need to capture Non-financial categories in the system before proceeding (Non-financial categories).