Top down targets are created by capturing a target value at the applicable level of granularity and defining the expected number of weeks of lag and ramp up for this target at each stage in the pipeline. 

Monthly targets are calculated across the period, creating an s-curve of stages ramping up and reaching the total target value. Note that leakage is not considered in this calculation.

Navigate by expanding/collapsing the total site target for specific e.g. departments. All aggregated values are read-only; top down targets can be captured at any level in the site hierarchy.

  1. The target period name & dates are visible for easy reference.
  2. A total site target can be entered for future reference.
  3. Access targets for different benefit types by selecting the required type; only financial targets are captured in millions.
  4. The resulting calculated targets can be viewed on the Chart tab, including a comparison to bottom up targets. Updates to the top down values will reflect in real time without having to save/update. 
  5. Use the Reset button in the toolbar to revert to previously saved values.
  6. On Update, the newly calculated top down target values for the period will be saved; any adjusted bottom up targets will not be affected by this.
  7. Go directly to the bottom up view (if permission has been granted) to make adjustments if required.