Bottom-up target adjustments enable users to define specific targets within an organisational hierarchy level and timeframe. This adds granularity to Top-down targets and improves the accuracy of the overall target set. 

After setting Top-down targets, target values would have been auto-populated across each hierarchy level and month. The user is able to drill down into each level and edit as required.

Configuring Bottom-up targets

To access Top-down targets, navigate to the Pipeline Targets menu item based on your software version:

  • For version 2.x.x and above, navigate to Initiatives, click on the three-bar button on the left and then on Pipeline Targets.
  • For versions prior to 2.x.x, navigate to Ideas/Initiatives, click on Settings and then Pipeline Targets.
  • For versions on the older version numbering e.g. 220224.x.x, navigate to Administration and then Pipeline Targets.

On the pipeline targets page, select the Bottom-up icon to drill down

Select the Go to Bottom Up Targets icon to drill down into the Bottom-up target setting detail page.

On the Bottom-up targets page that will appear, you can now navigate to the desired hierarchical level previously configured and set your targets. For instructions on how to set up your organisational hierarchy, see How to set up your organisational structure.

Note: Monthly target values are shown across stages for the complete hierarchy of the site. Navigate by expanding/collapsing the total site target or specific e.g. departments.

Edit target values at the desired level and month by clicking in the field and typing in the new value. The cell will highlight blue to indicate it was manually adjusted.

  • To remove the adjustment just delete the value, if a Top-down value exists for this month, this value will reappear 
  • To remove a Top-down target completely, capture a zero value in the cell

Note: Aggregated values are read-only; targets can be adjusted at the level Top-down was defined at, or lower if required. If no Top-down exists, targets can be captured at any level of the organisation hierarchy.

Scroll to the department you would like to enter bottom-up targets for.
Click Expand or Collapse to view options to enter bottom-up targets for.
Edit or enter the values for the bottom-up targets required.
A warning will appear when changes have not been saved.
Select Update to save your changes (failing to save will result in loss of changes)

Note: A green pop-up in the bottom right corner of your window will confirm that the adjustment has been saved. 

Use the reset button to remove all changes made to a level.


Values are captured cumulatively, and a warning will appear on the total row when an adjustment is not following through the whole period or when a decline in the pipeline is detected.

If any KPI Type does not have a target configured, a warning on the Total Site target will appear as below.

A warning at the Total Site level is displayed if any KPI Type does not have a target configured.

How Bottom-up targets affect other features in PiPware

Some general notes on Bottom-up targets and interaction with other parts of PiPware:

  1. Top-down targets are displayed on all reports unless there is a Bottom-up value for that month - in which case the adjusted target will be displayed. 
  2. The reports that reference targets are:
    1. Cumulative Pipeline Report
    2. Pipeline summary
    3. Pipeline by department
    4. Cumulative Benefits Report