Monthly target values are shown across stages for the complete hierarchy of the site. Navigate by expanding/collapsing the total site target or specific e.g. departments. All aggregated values are read-only; targets can be adjusted at the level top down was defined at, or lower if required. If no top down exists, targets can be captured at any level of the site hierarchy.

Capture an ad hoc target or adjust the value of the calculated top down target by overwriting the value in the relevant month. The background will turn to blue to highlight the adjustment and the parent aggregate will show an asterisk (*) in front of the total. To remove the adjustment just delete the value; if a top down value exists for this month, this value will reappear. To remove a top down target completely, capture a zero value in the cell. 

All adjustments can be removed in one go by clicking on the Reset button at the relevant level.

Values are captured cumulatively, and a warning will appear on the total row (as shown in the above image) when an adjustment is not following through the whole period or when a decline in the pipeline is detected.

If no targets for all the KPI Types have been captured, a warning on the Total Site target will appear.

  1. The target period name & dates are visible for easy reference.
  2. Change the benefit type to adjust targets for e.g. a non-financial category.
  3. Adjustments can be seen on the Chart tab including a comparison to top down targets (if these exist). Updates to the bottom up values will reflect in real time without having to save/update. 
  4. Click Update to save the adjusted targets; top down targets are displayed on all reporting unless there is bottom up value for that month in which case the adjusted target will be applicable. Reports that reference targets are:
    1. Cumulative pipeline
    2. Pipeline summary
    3. Pipeline by department
    4. Cumulative benefits report
  5. Go directly to the top down view (if permission has been granted) if desired.

Take note of the warning that targets have not yet been saved to avoid loss of data.

Only Pipeline Targets are manually captured. Run Rate Targets are calculated by applying the relevant Stage Benefit Target percentage to the total target value. 

E.g., if Cash Flowing is estimated to yield only 50% of the total target value, the run rate for any target in the Cash Flowing stage will only reflect ½ of the target captured.

Cash Benefit Targets consist of the calculated Run Rate target plus any one-off benefits/costs defined at Idea/Initiative level.