Traditionally PiPware contained hardcoded hierarchy levels for Department, Subdepartment and Team. Users could configure their organisation hierarchy using a combination of these categories. The hierarchy created using the combination of these fields was used for several features in PiPware. 

The new Organisational Structure feature released now enables the creation of a full hierarchy in one place and is completely flexible to be set up according to your organisational structure. 

The depth of the hierarchy is currently limited to 3 levels

To edit the organisation hierarchy, your role must be configured with the Manage Organisational Structure permission.

Creating your organisation structure

To create an organisation hierarchy, navigate to Administration, scroll down to General and click on Organisational Structure.

The Organisational Structure page with the currently configured structure will display. If you are using a new PiPware account, the structure list will be empty (numbers 2 &  below).

Add your first hierarchy level by clicking on + Add Root.
The hierarchy you create will display in this pane.
Hierarchy-level configuration options will display in this pane.

Create your organisation hierarchy by first creating a root node and then the required child nodes.

Root level node in the hierarchy.
Child node in the hierarchy.
Enter a unique code for the hierarchy node that you are creating.
Enter the hierarchy node name.
The owner will default to the logged-in user but can be updated here.
Choose an icon for your new hierarchy node.
Displays the parent of the node that you are creating. To move the node to a different parent, update this field.
Lists any children nodes created. To add a new child node, click the + Add Child button.
Displays users that have access specifically configured for this node. *
Access can be inherited from a parent node. This field will display all inherited access.
Click + Add Root to add a new root-level node.

* For information on how access works, see Access: How do PiPware permissions / access control work?

Remeber to save after making changes

Next Steps

Now that you have created your organisation hierarchy, you can start linking it to other features in PiPware.