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System Administration Settings

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The Administration section can be customized to the user's preferred view. Follow these steps to configure the Administration view:

Note: The Admin settings for the Organizational Structure can be found in this article: Managing an Organisational Structure

The Admin settings for the Portfolio PMO can be found in this article: Managing a Portfolio Management

System Administration Settings

Step 1:

Click on the Administration tab in the ribbon. After the Administration screen appears, go to the Settings option under the Systems section.

Note: If the "Administration" tab is not visible in the ribbon, access it by clicking "More" on the ribbon (typically found in the top right corner of the ribbon), and then select the "Administration" option from the dropdown menu. 

Step 2:

This will open the Settings screen, displaying various sections where you can configure settings. You can collapse or expand these sections by clicking the downward-pointing arrows located next to each section.

The following information will provide details on each section within the Settings screen:

1. General

Click on the tick box to activate Legacy formatted exports for all Excel exports
Enter the Client Instance Name
Choose your preferred currency for display from the drop down menu.
Choose your preferred method of authentication
Choose your preferred language for display from the drop down menu.
Enter the name of the Company

 2. KPI

Enter the preferred default number of days for the report to generate
Select the preferred color of the chart bars and target line
Select the checkbox if you would like the current KPI target line to persist until a new target is captured.

3. RARs

Select the preferred interval that the RAR meetings will take place
Select the preferred number of intervals to show in the RAR
Select your preferred color for each indicated option.
Click on the tick-box to allow the user to mark a RAR instance as Active or Current

4. Initiatives

In the "Initiatives/Ideas" section, select the option to either "Always Calculate" or "Never Calculate" the set benefits.

5. VDT

Choose your preferred color to display on each node.
Choose a warning level where the node target will be amber if the node value is between the warning level or the node values will be red if the value is less than the warning level.

6. Capability Building

Choose the colors preferred for either the Complete or Incomplete training modules.

7. Meeting

Click on the tick box to include a Site Logo to the Meeting Report.

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