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Cashflow Actuals Data Import Template

Rules for Cashflow Actual Data Import

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The tables for One-off Benefit and One-off Cost have been relocated to the Idea Cashflow tab (For more information on Idea Cashflow, please see the following link: Idea Cashflow). Cashflow values may be entered manually or imported in bulk using the import tool to populate the cashflow table.

Note: You need to have the necessary role admin permissions to import actual values to the Cashflow table.

To access the Import feature, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Imports/Exports tab (or click on More > Imports/Exports) from the menu bar above.

  2. The Import page is the default page that will appear when you click on the Imports/Exports module.
    On the Imports/Exports page, you will find the options for 1Imports, Exports or Schedule Exports. The table presented below comprises the 2Name of the Import process, File Name, Requested Import Date, Last Updated File Date, and import Status, indicating the success or failure of the import process. At the top of the page, you can find buttons to 3Add a new import process, select 4Templates, and 5Refresh the import page.

Cashflow Actuals Data Import Template

To access the Cashflow template to import the actual cashflow data, follow the following steps:

  1. After clicking on the Templates button, select the Cashflow Actuals Data template from the drop-down list. This will open to the cashflow data import excel file, where you can make input the necessary details for importing the cashflow actual values.

  2. The Cashflow Actual Data Import template file will be displayed similar to the screenshot below. 
    The provided template contains columns for the user to input the Idea Code, the corresponding Site, the Cashflow Name and the respective Cashflow Category. The Start and End date monthly periods for actuals on the Excel file are pre-populated. The pre-populated monthly periods on the Excel are for the previous 12 months from the configured start date of the idea. For example, the cashflow start date of the above idea is in March 2024. The monthly periods on the actuals template will be from March 2023 to February 2024.

Note: To edit the excel template, you may first need to download a copy of the file.

        3. After you have completed filling the excel file with the required details, save and close the file.

        4. To import the file, click on +Add button located at the top of the Imports/Exports screen.

        5. This will open the Add Import screen, similar to the screenshot, below to import the file.

        6. In this screen, select the 1Import Type from the drop-down menu (in this case it will be Cashflow Actuals Data option) then click 2Select Files to select the import file from your file location. After the file has been selected, click 3Save to load the import file to the Cashflow section.

        7. Once the file has been successfully loaded, the Status will display as Complete (if the status still displays as Processing, click on the Refresh button located on the top-right corner).

Note: Actual values are displayed in black font on the Idea Cashflow table

Rules for Cashflow Actual Data Import

For the import of the actual cashflow values to be successful, the following rules need to be adhered to:

  • The user must have the Cashflow Actual import permission for their role.
  • The owner/facilitator of the idea has this permission granted by default.
  • A user with an administrator role has the ability to grant permission to specific users, that will allow them to import and capture actual data to the Cashflow table.

Note: for how to set permissions for cashflow actual data import roles, please see the following article: Cashflow Actuals Data Import Permissions

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