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In order for a user to enter or override cashflow actual values in Idea Cashflow, specific role permissions are required. To grant these permissions to a user, please follow the steps outlined below.

Note: You need to have administrative permissions to grant other users permissions to enter or override actual cashflow values. The owner/facilitator of the Idea is granted permission by default.

  1. Navigate to the Administration module and click on Roles.

  2. Select the Role from the list which you would like to add permissions for to import cashflow actual values (eg. Administrator)

  3. Under the Permissions section, select the drop-down arrow on Ideas to view the list of Idea permissions available.

  4. From the list of permissions, click the tick-box on Import and Capture Cash Flow Actual Data option to enable the user role to import and capture actual data. After the selection, click Save.

  5. Users assigned to the specified role, with permissions to import cashflow actual data, will now have the Import button available when accessing the Idea Cashflow section. (for more information on the Idea Cashflow, please see this article: Idea Cashflow).

  6. Users will also find the option to select the import actual cashflow templates when navigating to the Imports/Exports module (for more information on the Cashflow Actuals Data Import, please see the following article: Cashflow Actuals Data Import)

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