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Adding a New Cash Flow Category

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The Cashflow Categories classify a cash flow entry and dictate the calculation method for that item. These categories are utilized in the Idea Cash Flow functionality. For further information on this feature, kindly refer to this article: Idea Cashflow

The Cashflow Categories can be located at the following location:

  1. Navigate to the Administration module. Under General group, click on Cashflow Categories

  2. This will open a screen containing a list of existing Cash Flow Categories if applicable. The screen will appear similar to the screenshot below:
    The Cashflow Categories screen will contain the following columns:

        - the 1Name assigned to the Cashflow Category
        - the 2Description of the Cashflow Category
        - the 3Cash Flow Type
        - checkbox to select whether to include this cashflow category in 4EBIT, Idea Cashflow or the Idea Benefit Download

    At the end of the row of each cash flow category entry, there is an icon to 5Delete the cash flow category entry. You can use the 3-bar icon to 6Sort the order of the Cashflow Categories, as well as add a new Cashflow Category by clicking on the 7+Add section.

Adding a New Cash Flow Category

To include a new category for cash flow, kindly follow these instructions:

  1. Type in the name of the cash flow category on the +Add field and click enter.

  2. After entering the new Cash Flow category, it will be displayed at the end of the list. To add a description, simply click on the Description cell and type it in. You may choose a Cash Flow Type category from the drop-down menu and indicate the desired features for its use by selecting the tick boxes.

Note: The EBIT and Cashflow items are included in the Cumulative Benefit Report. To include Cashflow categories when you download this report, tick the Benefit Download option.

Cumulative Benefit Report

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