PIPware2.0 has a RAR Administration functionality, which allows another user to manage someone else RARs.

This is driven by permissions assigned to a Role that will be used to manage peoples RARs.

Administration -> Role -> Select a Role -> Then Assign RAR Administrator and remember to Save.

Then this will provide you with an option on Administration called RAR Administration.

This provides the ability to filter for the RAR you are looking for and make the required changes and Save.

Whichthen provides the ability to manage someone else's RAR. Also, note the below:

The only RARs that a RAR Administrator can see are those that satisfy the following:
  • The RAR does not have a Department or Sub Department specified.
  • The RAR is linked to a department that the RAR Administrators has RAR Access to as per access configurations on the user edit screen. see the image below:
The above grants access to see all RARs to all Departments, Sub Departments and Teams.