For assistance with incorrectly uploaded/ imported data into the system, we ( would require the following information to try and assist in recovering the data:

  • The file that was incorrectly uploaded.
  • The user who uploaded the file.
  • The date the file was uploaded so we can get the correct backup data.

With the above information given, we can assist in reverting the uploaded data.

*Note that our imports are done with an update, as a result existing information is updated and new information is added onto the system.

This can also be resolved by the user, either by manually correcting the data loaded onto the system or by correcting the data in the excel file that was uploaded and then re-uploading the file.

For KPI targets and actuals, the dates are used to update the entries and for other imports, the Ids are used to update the records in the system.

*Read the Rules on the import template carefully before attempting to upload a file onto the system.