The RAR Compliance should exclude off weeks if the RAR frequency is set to 2 (or above). It also excludes any weeks covered by unavailability items created for the user. However, the RAR always takes precedence, i.e. if a RAR was created in an off week then it’s compliance will be included in the report. 

The red/amber/green faces are linked to the rules defined in admin > RAR compliance. The default rules are as follows:

  • Red: The “Meeting took place” checkbox for the RAR is not checked
  • Amber: The RAR has not been distributed (download or emailed).

If all the rules succeed, then it will be set to Green. Red always takes precedence over amber if any of the red rules fail.

The compliance by period is calculated as follows:

  • The red/amber/green status colours are weighted. These weightings can be changed in the setting but by default, they are set as Red = 0, Amber = 50, Green = 100. The weightings are then divided by 100 to convert to a percentage.
  • The empty cells (i.e. no RAR compliance due to off week) are ignored.
  • So if you have 3 red, 4 amber, 5 green and 1 empty cell, it will be calculated as follows: (3 red * 0) + (4 amber * 50) + (5 green * 100) / 12 (empty cell is excluded) / 100 (convert to percentage) = 58%

The average compliance is simply an average of all the compliance percentages in the header row. For example if the Compliance by period is 100%, 100%, 100%, 60%, 0%, 0%, 60% then the average compliance will be 100+100+100+60+0+0+60/7 = 60%. The system ignores intervals that did not have any compliance due to off weeks.